Vision Blinds

Vision Blinds are an innovative type of roller blind which gives you more control over light and privacy than your standard roller.

How does it work?

The beauty of Vision Blinds is their simplicity. The blinds are made up of 2 layers of alternating strips of opaque and sheer fabric. You simply line up the opaque strips on either layer to darken your room, or let the sheer fabric bring light in.

Why Vision Blinds?

Vision blinds (which can also be called Twist Blinds or Duo Blinds) are a great way to combine the practicality of a Roller Blind, with the control over light and privacy that Venetians give.

Stripes and More

Stripes not your thing? We can show you the latest ranges of Vision Blinds, which include circles, hexagons and triangles to give a contemporary look to your room.

COVID-19 Guidelines

At the moment, in line with Government recommendations, we are altering our standard appointment, home visit and installation processes to include measures to keep you, and our team, safe. Covid-19 Guidelines



Giving great control over sunny windows

Different Colours

A wide range of colours


Letting your have privacy and still enjoy the view

Different Shapes

You can have stripes, hexagons or circles!

Child Safe

All our curtains, blinds and shades are designed with safety in mind. Vision Blinds, like all of our Roller Blinds can be operated and fitted with several child safe options and can even be motorised; an option that allows the blind to be completely cordless.